Kasper: ‘This pope is not a liberal. He is a radical!’
1. Bit of pot calling kettle black here.
2. The author of the article appears to be in favor of Kasper. Notice how he calls Ratzinger a "czar" and how Kasper had been pushed out of the "Vatican power structure". The author does not go into the issue of how most of the cardinals find his ideas simply dumb. Instead, it is a "power" issue.

2. St. JPII, Kasper sure loves you. . . .

3. I think this pontificate will be characterized by a) being short, b) being crazy, c) being a turning point for middle-of-the-road conservative cardinals, who will now see what happens when they "settle" in a Conclave. They will learn that they cannot ever settle again, that they have to do their homework, that the days of polite gentleman's disagreements are over. The next Conclave I bet will be a LONG one. This pontificate could very well be exactly what the doctor ordered, something really stark, something that makes cardinals draw lines in the sand. Something that can shock young cardinals,  embarrass older good cardinals to the point of making them work together now to fix this in the near future. I say let Pope Francis run wild now, talk nonsense left and right, as long as he stays away from formal doctrinal declarations, and he seems to be allergic to speaking about Faith and Morals anyway, which is why he lets the likes of Kasper get out there and spew his nonsense. Then Kasper gets eaten alive by the other cardinals. And the Pope can go back to Santa Marta and think about where next to stir the pot up.

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