Kasper: ‘This pope is not a liberal. He is a radical!’
There's nothing new here.
And Kasper (and, supposedly, also the Pope) did say that the cause of the ca. 50% of marriages invalid is poor Catechism; reading his interview at Commonweal his (or the Pope's) rationale is quite convincing: one cannot expect that a couple that chose to get married in the Church just because it is “beautiful” to have a valid marriage (I myself know of churches that have weddings every Saturday, of people whose only tie to the Church was baptism made when they were babies). And he did say the appropriate answer to this is better Catechism of the couple before the wedding. I think this observation is one that Traditional Catholics can appreciate: indeed there either far too many marriages or far too poor education (which done well could easily change the couple's mind).

At his interview he said that what he wants -- allowing persons in second union to eventually receive the Eucharist -- is to be restricted to a very small group of faithful that found themselves in this situation. Of course, one could argue that this allowance to a very small group will eventually expand by using much of the same reasoning used for the first allowance (why restrict it to only the utterly pious and faithful Catholics? Why not have mercy on the Laodiceans that go to Church on Sundays?).

And by the way, it would be very nice to have a radical Pope, in the literal sense; a Pope that valued the roots of the Church and not some recent novelty or the pressures of the times.

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