Crypto-Modernist Congregation for Religious Suspects Nuns of Being Catholic
(06-06-2014, 02:45 AM)AntoniusMaximus Wrote: I am talking about the fact that many parishes have financial issues (I would say most have some form of debt) partly because they have excessive full time staffs that really don't serve a purpose or highly inflexible.  For instant, I understand you want to attract and maintain an excellent music director, but when he or she is a megalomaniac tyrant as they oft are (and often times they are not usually very good musicians anyway),  it is difficult to get rid of them.  You have full-time youth "ministers", when you have volunteering parents who serve the essential same functions for free.  There are a lot of parishes that have a lot of fat on the bone, and it becomes too many chiefs and not enough indians.  Granted these people are not getting rich off of the Church, but at the same, we are living in a time, when we need to get more for a lot less, there are more pressing things like paying the electric bills.  If you are a parish of 800 racking in a conservative amount of 4000 a week (12,000 a month plus whatever donations and other sources of income you receive), let's just say your monthly need to maintain everything is 18,000 and you are drawing 15,000, for a 3,000 shortfall.  I know what I would do, I would get rid of the music director who is probably making 30-35k a year and who thinks getting the latest Gather hymnal would improve the music so much and has Hagen/Haas tattooed on his arm.  And would opt finding a couple of young music students at the local college, whom I can pay for cheaper as well as giving them necessary life experience, also they would be temporary eliminating any chance of becoming entrenched.  My point is in the end, the bishop appoints the priest to be the CEO of the parish, and he has the duty and obligation to make sure the bottom line is black.  This is something the Church has been abysmal with, it has not trained its priests with any financial gumption.  Sure, you can delegate, but in the end the buck stops with him and if he keeps signing a balance sheets in the red and told well next month we will get more in the collection because it is Christmas.  Something needs to be done.   The Church is a multi-billion dollar entity, whether she wants to be or not, and she needs to be ran with that in mind.  She is there to serve the people, but she cannot serve the people if she keeps closing parishes because of decades of poor recording keeping and financial planning. 

I see what you're saying and I agree with you. Most parishes are in debt, do not make their weekly financial goal, and have music directors with fat salaries.Tuition keeps going up to pay teacher's salaries and insurance too. People wonder why we close down. I'm glad I'll be retiring soon because it seems we're a sinking ship. I'll say no more than that.

Yep, the buck stops with Father.

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