The Muslims’ War Against Fun Is Killing Them

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The Muslims’ War Against Fun Is Killing Them
May 24th, 2014 - 12:06 pm

We all know the Muslim world is a political and cultural disaster zone.

All you need to know is the spectacularly low level of book sales in the Arab world, and a similarly miserable record in winning Nobel prizes, whether in literature or hard science.  A dozen years ago, a group of Arab scholars did a report for the United Nations that ascribed the failure of Arab society to a lack of freedom, knowledge and womenpower.  And things have gotten considerably worse since 2002;  the authors could write that there were no ethnic conflicts then.  That’s long gone.

Never mind a failed state;  we’re talking about a failed civilization, even in the most culturally advanced Muslim domain, the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The root of their failure is the War Against Fun.  They’re not only failures, but grim, humorless failures.  This is the miserable common denominator of the Muslim world.  As Jonathan Schanzer recently tweeted, “Saudi blocks Youtube. Iran blocks Instagram. We knew they could eventually find common ground.”

They know it themselves, and talk about it a lot. Several writers in the Saudi press, for example, unloaded on the ban on celebrating Valentine’s Day, as here:
Quote:[The answer] to most of our daily needs comes from the West, from the Christian world, of [the culture] we created in previous eras only a pittance remains… the prohibition on Valentine’s Day bears no relation to faith or belief, but [only] to desert thinking that lacks subtlety, targets women specifically and prevents a social encounter between men and women and normal life as in other societies. The guardians of values and customs went overboard in pressuring our society…it has become desiccated and coarse and adopted the thinking and behavior of the desert..
Or in this tirade, quoted in the same article linked above:
Quote:What grabs attention is that those who ban imitating the West on Valentine’s Day see nothing amiss in imitating the West in other ways, and are completely immersed in [Western] consumer culture and in devouring new Western products…
They know we’re better.  Some of them, seemingly more with the passage of time, are desperate and brave enough to risk life and limb to fight back on behalf of fun.

The War Against Fun is deadly because it stultifies and suffocates creative enterprise.  If the regime wins, and fun is killed, it would mark the death of playfulness, which is the heart of creativity.  The Iranians are (falsely, I think) credited with the invention of chess, but there are no brilliant Persian chess grandmasters nowadays.  Iranian humor is nasty, misogynistic and often sadistic, like the unhappy country’s ruling tyrants.

Some Iranian apologists and propagandists pretend that phenomena like the “Happy” videos show that Iranians are really having fun after all, but this is a ruse.  These are protest videos–music, especially Western music, is forbidden in Iran, just as it was in Talibanic Afghanistan–and the happy people are politically threatening to the regime, like the Saudis who celebrate Valentine’s Day threaten the stability of the kingdom.  And it’s significant that other “Happy” videos keep showing up on YouTube.  It bespeaks the depth of the contempt in which most Iranians hold their rulers, and the regime’s rapid response, whether arresting the Happy people or demanding flogging and imprisonment for the actress who gave a formalistic kiss on the cheek of an eighty-year old at the Cannes Film Festival, shows that Khamenei and his henchmen know it and fear it.

Vox Wrote:The actress incident he's referring to can be read about here.

The "Happy" videos he's talking about refer to people all over the world, filming folks dancing along to the song "Happy" -- by Pharell Williams -- in their cities. They're really fun. Here, for ex., is an Indianapolis -- my town -- version:

And here's one from Roma:

It is no accident that women are singled out for special degradation by the armies waging war on fun, for the Muslim world rests on a solid foundation of misogyny.  My professional career has been mostly devoted to the study of evil, including terrorism, fascism, Nazism and communism.  That’s a lot of evil people, but I never found anything like the systematic rape of female death-row prisoners in Iranian prisons.  Not even the Nazis in the death camps were so avid in humiliating their victims.  Nor did I find the sort of systematic repression of women that abounds in so much of the Muslim world.

Like the reflexive attacks on the Happy people and the Valentine lovers, such actions betray fear that the people–especially the women–if left to their own devices would bring down the oppressive regimes.  Which is why, as I have said for so long, women are the most revolutionary group in the Muslim Middle East.

The tyrants can’t risk granting freedom to fun lovers, especially if they are women, so the fun lovers are targeted, rounded up, incarcerated, tortured and often murdered.  So long as that goes on, there is no hope for the Muslim world, nor for its best citizens.

Very interesting. There's a video about the Crusades (vide infra) where the presenter argues that the difference we see between the West and the Islamic “civilizations” is precisely because the West was always (yes, even in the Middle Ages) more free and more innovative – he tells two very revealing anecdotes: one Islamic writer when he wants to describe the perversions of the West during the Middle Ages writes that a man stops in the street to talk to a couple, and he talks directly to the woman (alas!), and eventually the husband of the woman leaves to do something else and let the two talk more for a while. The other anecdote is that the printing press actually existed for centuries in China, but it was controlled by the government; much later when it came to Europe people immediately started printing all sorts of things (the first use was actually the printing of some indulgences by the Church). And of course, the monks were fond of technology, they were crazy for clocks and such.
The things a civilization can incorporate without destruction are actually testaments to the greatness of the civilization, like in America muslims mystics can practice their mysticism that they couldn't even practice in Islamic countries (and the fact that almost every culture under the sun has some specialist in some American or European university).

There's something very somber and dark in Islam, and I think people in the West should start to worry about it. It most certainly is not a heretical deformation of Christianity, it is another thing altogether, that creates such deformities like justification of systematic rape, humiliation, murder and the most sterile sort of mind.

The video on the crusades:
Indeed, somber is a nice wary of putting it. Islam is the tool of satan,a religion vomited up from the bowels of the lowest pit of Hell,a religion that makes slaves of men and women but especially women. The West has no idea just how vicious and evil this death cult really is despite the mounds of evidence as to it's true nature of barbaric cruelty, murderous rage,iconoclasm,mental and physical slavery and fanaticism enshrined in the words of the koran(deliberately not capitalized maximum disrespect), the various commentaries and current events.Anyone who thinks Islam was,is, or ever will be anything other then a force for evil, despair, slavery and cruelty is either afraid to look at reality, truly ignorant or engaged in wishful thinking.
I really enjoyed watching Dr. Madden's lecture. He certainly is a lonely figure among his European and American colleagues, most of whom present a very false figure of the Crusades.

It really is a shame the crusaders weren't more successful; perhaps the looming threat of a Germany or a France with a Muslim majority among their children would be a nonissue. They say, that by 2050 the majority of children born in Germany would be Muslim. How scary is that? (Though it doesn't help that German women now average at fewer than one child each ... That I'm sure we can relate to the near universal use of contraceptive measures, the worship of goods (dilemma: house in Mallorca or children), apathy toward Christianity, White guilt, etc. Basically Europe is a mess.)

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