Evangelical church leaders to examine ancient liturgical practices
The problem with this sort of thing is that in the end its all empty – and I say this to my protestant friends. The relation the protestants have with the past, with Tradition, is a very artificial one, and in many ways superfluous: they can simply choose what Fathers to listen to, not only that, but what passages from what books of the Fathers that they want to read; what Traditions and customs they want to adopt: now what is “in” is Lent, but not even a Traditional Catholic or Orthodox Lent – only the giving up of something, ultimately to one's self. And of course, they first did this sort of thing with the Bible.

They will always remain separated from Tradition and the historical Church (and in many cases, God), because all attempts to “recover” anything is just another mask worn by one's will. This is already noted by protestant theologians like James K. A. Smith, but the way he solves this problem is just to impose adopted – not inherited – traditions to wider scales. This might give the impression of reality to an enterprise that is void, and in a post-modern framework this might be good enough, but still there is a remainder: still there is the feeling that all is imitation, still there is the buried truth that they are severed from the body (and how this does not make them another body).

In the end, Evangelicalism (and Protestantism in general) is only yet another religion of nihilism in Christian attire.

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