A Conversion
I wanted to register on this forum with the hope of learning more about the Christian religion, I am Muslim base and over time I am extremely detached from religion that negatively weighed on his conscience for me many reasons to forget what a religion should really get us, my best friend is Christian taught me things about the Christian religion and over time I was told that I could try to pray and since I started (as a beginner course) there have been some changes in my life ..

Finally here, I hope to somehow find my place with you and more power to evolve in a good way.

The above is a rough translation of the introduction of someone who registered on another language forum. It looks like she is a muslim moving towards Christianity. Of course we all know that the true home of Christians is in the Catholic Church. I would like for everyone to pray for this person so that she may find her way home. 
Yesterday two young men asked me for a rosary. I ask you to pray for their conversion.
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