Greetings from the North...
Hello everybody!

Thought I'd briefly introduce myself before popping out of nowhere in random threads. I've been a lurker for a few months now (especially in the Corner Pub section), and I decided it was high time for me to sign up. The main reason for that is the fact I'd like to participate in some of the discussions on here. Also, I'd like to be amongst like-minded people for a change. It's quite difficult when you feel like a misfit IRL, so perhaps a forum might help me feel less... alone in my struggle?

I'm a young translator and a major language geek. I also write and draw and am kind of a film buff (my username makes it rather obvious that I like LOTR). The language of cinema fascinates me, though I know just how powerful a tool for propaganda movies are. I'm also interested in politics and history, and I am crazy about Regency clothing, as well as 1940s fashion. Oh, and I love music, but who doesn't? As far as mass goes, it's TLM for me, thanks!

I'd say that I am angry about a lot of things in the world, and I like to rant about them. That, however, does not make me a grinch (I promise!).  :grin:

That's it for now, folks!

EDIT: I often modify my posts for petty language corrections, because I am a compulsive editor extraordinaire...
Sounds great!
Hi there, IXOYE! Thanks for reading!
always glad to have a LOTR fan!
Sweet, a fellow fan!  8-)

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