Muslims Order Christians To Close Down Their Churches

WTG, neocons! Thanks, AIPAC! Thanks for pushing the US into a war against a country that had not one single thing to do with 9-11 and destablizing the place so this sort of thing happens. From

Muslims Order Christians To Close Down Their Churches, And Say That If They Open Them Up, They Will Burn Them Down
By Ted on June 19, 2014 in Featured, General
By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Nineveh, Iraq, have ordered Christians to keep their churches closed, and told them that if they open their churches, that they will burn them down.

According to a native Iraqi pastor, named Majeed, described this destruction of Christian liberty:
Quote:That they are not allowed to open their churches. And even if they open them they will burn the churches… And also the Christians have been requested — been asked to pay the tax [dhimmi, the tax for non-Muslims under Islamic rule]. …If not, they can leave Nineveh… And if they don’t leave and don’t pay the tax, they should give their heads. …So please raise up prayer for us. This is what we need… We do believe that prayer is very important because we hear when man is work[ing], man is working. But when man is praying, God is working. …So it is important for the churches outside Iraq to raise up prayers and also to fast for the sake of the people of Iraq… It’s important for the other churches to pray for them to be protected… Please pray for us — this is the only thing for the right time. We have nothing to do. People outside can do nothing for us except praying.
In the city where Jonah once preached, the heathen are overriding the inheritance of God’s House.

We must rescue Christian lives and not allow the heathen to succeed.



I think Protestants will learn why the Crusades happened. What's happening to Christians around the world is horrible, and the media keeps it all hush except when they can use it to promote liberal causes.

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