Vestment Question
What is the red vestment Saint Josemaria Escriva is wearing?
[Image: 1969-misa.jpg]
No vestment that either the cassock showing under the lace of the alb or a lace alb made to look as if the wearer has a red cassock underneath.
He was made an Honorary Prelate by Pius XII in 1950. This entitled him to the title Monsignor, and to the use of some Pontificals (privleges of bishops), even though he was not a bishop.

One of these was to wear the same choir cassock (for Mass or liturgical ceremonies) as a bishop. What you see here is a picture of him in this choir cassock wearing a pontifical alb (with red cuffs). Since the alb has a great deal of lace, the cassock shows through.

He is saying a Low Mass, which a Monsignor says as a bishop (with two cleric chaplains). Here these are two priests (note the stoles). He also has the privilege of using more than two candles for the Low Mass. While typically this meant 4, sometime 6 were used for solemn feasts. There would also be two acolytes, but these are not pictured.

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