St Anthony's Shrine joins Boston's Pride Festival

CaptCrunch73 Wrote:Sigh, but it's not as if I haven't posted about stuff like this before. :helpsmiley:

Boston’s annual homosexual “Pride” Parade — which will occur this Saturday, June 14th — is a cauldron of depravity. It is characterized by lewd behavior, immodest dress, and lurid displays of exhibitionism and sadomasochism. The message of the parade, and that of the festival which follows it in City Hall Plaza, is one of radical rejection of Christian morality, of pride in mortal sin.

Incredibly, this year it will actually be worse. The marshals of the 2014 parade will be the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a grotesque group of transvestites whose members costume themselves as Catholic nuns. They have a long history of mocking the Catholic Faith, producing obscene parodies of Catholic worship, exploiting Catholic religious imagery, and profaning Catholic symbols and sacramentals, such as the crucifix. Their blasphemies and sacrileges include the “Hunky Jesus” contest and the “Condom Savior Mass,” where contraceptives are distributed in place of Holy Communion.

Astonishingly, one of Boston’s most popular Catholic churches, Saint Anthony’s Shrine — administered by Franciscan friars, members of the same religious family as our Capuchin archbishop — will host an information booth at the festival in City Hall Plaza, where the parade ends. Whatever evasions, excuses, or rationalizations are offered, any sane person would reasonably conclude that the presence of the friars will send a signal of support and approval for an event which celebrates the sin of impurity against nature.

This is a betrayal of the Catholic Faith, and it is uncharitable to the souls who will be lost by confirming them in their deadly sins. Sadly, when it pertains to homosexuality, this is not the first time that Saint Anthony’s has compromised its Catholic identity.

Please contact Cardinal Sean O’Malley and ask him to put a halt to this grave scandal! You may e-mail His Eminence at or leave a telephone message at 617-254-0100 or 617-782-2544.

No one in secular society should be expected to take seriously Catholic teaching about marriage, about chastity outside of marriage, or about Catholic ideals of modesty and purity in speech, dress, and behavior, when one of Boston’s best known Catholic institutions participates in something as course, as crudely lascivious, and as flagrantly pornographic as a homosexual pride festival. Please urge your family and friends to join you in contacting the Cardinal!
I'd love to see some brave religious evangelizing right in the belly of the beast, but somehow I doubt that's what this informational booth will be for.
The parade was last week, June 14th.  I saw the rainbow crosswalks when I was in  Boston last week.  The parade had occurred a few days before.

In June 1993, I attended the Gay Pride parade in Manhattan.  It was my first and my last.  It began with topless lesbians on motorcycles.  Marvelous.

Overall, I was dismayed at the impression that many if not most of the marchers were giving and I was embarrassed that young families were among the spectators.

It was really nothing more than a bacchanal.
Once again the Archdiocese and the Mass Catholic Conference were absent and the slack was picked up by the Catholic Action League and Mass Resistance. Might I mentioned that Cardinal Sean is one of the advisors to Pope Francis; if Cardinal Sean is too busy to deal with issues in his own Archdiocese should be really be advising the Universal Church. Or, worse, if this is acceptable is the future of the Universal Church?


The Franciscan Friars of Boston's Saint Anthony's Shrine---members of the same religious family as our Capuchin Cardinal Sean O'Malley---manned a so-called information booth at the city's homosexual Pride Festival on City Hall Plaza on Saturday, June 14th. The booth featured banners, buttons and t-shirts emblazoned with the words: "Who am I to judge?" There was nothing evident which suggested traditional Catholic teaching about the mortally sinful, soul endangering character of homosexual relations, which The Catechism of the Catholic Church, promulgated by Pope Saint John Paul II in 1984, described as "grave depravity."

When contacted by concerned Catholics, Franciscans assured callers that they had "the full support of the archdiocese." The Archdiocese of Boston however, issued no public statement on this scandal. The closest thing to an official response was an e-mail sent by the Archdiocesan Cabinet Secretary for Parish Life and Leadership, the Very Rev. Kevin M. Sepe, who told one outraged Catholic:

St. Anthony Shrine, although within the Archdiocese of Boston, is a parish of the Franciscan Order and so I encourage you to contact them directly with your questions and concerns. The Archdiocese has no knowledge of the intent of this initiative and is not associated with it. Thank you for your correspondence.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: "Religious orders operate churches in the archdiocese with the permission of the archbishop. A telephone call from the cardinal could have put a halt to this scandal in five minutes."

"The archdiocese was silent about the aggression of homosexual militants against the Saint Patrick's Day Parade. It was silent about the anti-Catholic hate group, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, leading the homosexual Pride Parade. It is now dodging responsibility for Franciscan participation in the Pride Festival."

"The 'Welcoming Mass' and 'Rainbow Ministry' at Saint Cecilia's in the Back Bay obviously enjoy the tacit endorsement of the archdiocese, as does the LGBT group at Saint Anthony's. When pro-life scholar and attorney Dan Avila---who spent years serving the church---suggested a link between homosexuality and the demonic, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Boston, The Pilot, became a forum for pastors, priests, and deacons of the archdiocese to savage Avila in the letters to the editor column."

"When the Pastor of Saint Paul's Parish in Hingham declined to enroll the child of a lesbian couple in his parochial school, the Director of the Catholic Schools Foundation---whose Chairman is the Cardinal---threatened to withhold funding; the leading member of the Archdiocesan Council of Finance ridiculed the pastor's decision to the secular media; the Archdiocesan Superintendent of Schools hastened to find another school for the couple; and the Archdiocesan Communications Director refused to publicly defend the priest, who was being viciously maligned in the media."

"When the courageous pro-family organization, Mass Resistance, mounted a referendum campaign to restore the 1913 law limiting Bay State acceptance of certain out of state marriages (a statute which gained new relevance with some states recognizing same sex unions as marriages), the Cardinal, after some coaxing in the middle of a pro-life event, signed the referendum petition, albeit with the wrong address. His aides then attempted to retrieve the petition sheet. When Mass Resistance publicized the Cardinal's signature---which was, after all, on a public document---they were told to stop using the Cardinal's name, and forbidden to collect anymore signatures in front of Catholic churches."

"Betrayals of Catholic principles never permitted under Cardinal Law are now becoming routine under Cardinal O'Malley. It should be apparent to any informed Catholic that this archdiocese, under its current leadership, will offer no meaningful opposition to the homosexual agenda, either in civil society, or even in the church itself."

Generally speaking, if the goal is to get a Cardinal's attention and get him to stand against something, just offer the TLM.

(06-26-2014, 06:37 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: Generally speaking, if the goal is to get a Cardinal's attention and get him to stand against something, just offer the TLM.
Zing! And seems to be the same approach that His Holiness takes.

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