Sexual orientation and masculinity
(07-22-2014, 02:16 PM)PrairieMom Wrote: In truth, our sexuality is just a small part for most of us. I know our culture leads you to think otherwise, but it's only a fraction of who we are and what we do. I agree with RyanPatrick, maybe it's your perception of what a "man" is that's the root of your issues. You mention your dad and his unhelpful comments. Have you explored this with your therapist?

You are not alone in struggling what it means to identify with one's gender. There's a semi-related thread on the women's side that might offer some helpful insight:

Clare also offers from good advice for looking at the medical side. She has some knowledge in this area if you weren't already aware.

As for body image, etc, that's something that can be worked on. Again, ask Clare. She's lost like 160 lbs or something in the past couple of years.

Hey I was going to post that!
I wouldn't worry about it. Worrying is the worst thing you can do. I've felt similarly. The feelings may remain, on some level, but the confusion and anxiety will definitely pass.

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