We need a new Crusade!!!

Muslims Rape Christian Women, 600 Christians Take Up Arms And Make One Final And Heroic Stand Against Muslim Jihadists

After so much rape has been done against Christian women in Iraq, 600 Christians in Iraq have now taken up arms to make one final stand against Muslim Jihadists, members of the ISIS terrorist group, at the frontiers of the Christian settlement of Bartella on the outskirts of Mosul.

These 600 Christians, “all mighty men of valour” (1 Chronicles 12:21), are led by Capt. Firaz Jacob, a Christian warrior who has himself declared with the utmost of apostolic zeal:

I stand here waiting for my destiny… We will stay here despite everything… All these armed groups we have seen, but nevertheless we will remain. We love our Christian way of life, we love our churches and we love our community.

How far down the modernist hole are we that we can not recognize that we need the military orders revived and given a new life and purpose? That general call to all who hear the voice of the Vicar of Christ to defend his fellow Christian from the attack of the Muhammadans.

Capt Firaz shows more zeal for the Faith than those whose particular responsibility it is to carry it forth to the world.

Yeah but all means lets have the man made writings of the so called prophet Muhammad read in the Vatican... lol the world is upside down.
Robert Spencer changed my warped perspective on the Crusades. Until recently I believed all the old lies, the leftist, secularist, politically correct anti-Catholic, anti-Western lies.

The Crusades were a glorious endeavour, as was the victory at Lepanto, and we should be thoroughly grateful to those who gave up their lives that we may have freedom, freedom from the totalitarianism of Mohammedanism and the relentless blood-thirst of the Saracens.   

Absolutely there should a new crusade, but it is unlikely, considering the state of the West and our leaders. We must liberate the Christians who are being murdered on a daily basis in Egypt, Iraq and Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.
Many prayers for these heroic Christians who are willing to actually fight to defend themselves against the satanic scourge of Mohammedanism and it's murderous adherents! History has shown that Mohammed and his followers are the enemy of the Cross and need to be stopped. There can be no lasting peace between islam and Christianity; there never has been, there never will be. I'm deeply saddened that most churchmen will probably condemn these righteous Christians for simply defending themselves against those whose "god" sanctions the rape of their women, the profanation and destruction of their churches and sacred images and the murder of their children! I pray for a day when the banner of the Holy Cross flies triumphant over all the lands once held by false prophet and his murderous band of barbarians. I pray for the day when every man woman and child on earth is free from the cruel scourge of islam and instead is sanctified in the waters of holy baptism. Honestly though, pray for all Christians laboring under the cruel tyranny of the false prophet and forsaken by their own who would rather be politically correct than face the cold hard reality that sometimes a man must take up arms in self defense even if he is a Christian.

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