A Sign O' The Times

Quote:Me and my husband signed up to become extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist for mass either on Saturday vigil or Sunday.

We recently met up with the ministry head and she just basically showed us what to do if we get assigned to wash the vessels after mass...that's the only training we received. We even asked the ministry head on what do we do if we drop the host? she said it doesn't happen (But I have seen it happen!!!) and she does not know, ends up asking the deacon in which the deacon gave a proper response on just consume it or bring it back to the altar and he will consume it.

Before we met with her, we started talking to some of the ministers that day asking for inputs on what to do and my husband bought up a really good question, what do we do if a kid or an adult comes up with arms crossed? I know we are supposed to say some sort of blessing but is there a sort of form? The only thing I remembered our spiritual director told us when praying over people is to not put our hands on the head as that is reserved for ordained priests/ministers. Then one of the ministers answered that she does not know about such rule and that we are ok to bless because of our royal priesthood.

Read the whole thread. Things are mentioned there which are so perversely at odds with tradition it's almost a work of genius. Satanic genius.

Unfortunately, a lot of modern Catholics are operating in an asylum. When everyone around you is acting crazy, crazy becomes the new norm. I read a priest quoted somewhere as saying 'ignorance will save a lot of people'. Here's hoping.
Vanity - Cardinal Bacci

Vanity is a form of theft. God has given us everything, including life itself, and we act as if His gifts were our rightful possession. We boast about them, show them off in the company of others, and are delighted when we receive praise or respect. Let us imagine that we are dying and shall soon be alone in the presence of God. At that supreme moment what will earthly glory matter to us? Of what account will be human flattery and transitory success? When we are alone before God, nothing will matter except humility and the merits which we have gained. These will make us worthy of God's friendship and of a heavenly reward.

Ugh please may there be an end to the madness of the "Eucharistic Minister"

There needs to be an end to the Extra-Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

PS. Sorry, but I can't help but play this for comic relief.


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