bishop williamson 7/14 column
It seems His Excellency is again merely rabble-rousing.  He's pushing the speculative words of an "insider" nobody's ever heard of (relatively speaking), essentially treating them as fact.  Then, in the final paragraph, he takes his usual pot-shot at the SSPX.  He bashes the Society and its leadership while offering no real proof (or even evidence) that his accusations are true.
(07-14-2014, 01:08 PM)a83192 Wrote: day by day ... the Society, once glorious for its defence of the Faith, becomes the inglorious Newsociety. For indeed how many Newchurch bishops can still be fearing the Newsociety as a threat to their Newchurch?

There is still no evidence offered by His Excellency or his movement that this is true.

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