More Evidence of Vatican dislike of Tradition:Booming Paraguay diocese under gun

Along with the persecution of the FFI, this shows again that the point of their persecution is a true dislike of traditional teachings and liturgy.  They can give all the specious reasons they want, but this assigning a hostile visitor to a booming faithful diocese and bishop shows true colors from the Vatican.

Press Conference Announcing Pope Francis' Measures:
Large archdioceses such as Buenos Aires and Montevideo have less than 30 seminarians. "That explains why the development in the Diocese of Ciudad del Este progressive parts of the church interfere," said Messa in Latino (as they have 250 seminarians)

Vocations Boom Via Old Mass in Paraguay -- Pope Francis Orders Visitation

Pope Francis' Bull
(Rome / Asuncion) Pope Francis has ordered an Apostolic Visitation of the Diocese of Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. The Diocese of Alto Paraná on the border of Brazil and Argentina is one of the most traditional and has an above average number of priestly and religious vocations. Why the Pope has ruled for the visitation of a comparatively thriving diocese, while in the capital Asuncion, the Archbishop is a nuisance, the news about aberrosexuality is all over town?

Pope Francis has paid special "attention" to diocese, orders and communities that are connected to tradition, since the beginning of the pontificate. Ciudad del Este is one of these dioceses. The bishop's see is located in the second largest city of the Latin American country. It covers an area of ​​nearly 30,000 square kilometers and holds 700,000 Catholics. This represents 98 percent of the population.

Under Bishop Livieres There is a Big Boost in the Diocese

The Bishop of Ciudad del Este is the Argentinean Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano, whom Pope John Paul II had appointed in 2004 at the head of the Paraguayan Diocese was only established in 1993. Since then the diocese has experienced an amazing recovery. The majority of the clergy consists of  priests from religious orders. By 2007, the diocese only had 12 diocesan priests and 70 religious priests. Today, they are preparing in the seminary more than 250 candidates for the priesthood. Almost all parishes of the diocese celebrate in the Old Rite.

As Blogonicus reported, it was confirmed by the Apostolic Nuncio to Paraguay, Monsignor Eliseo Ariotti, that the Holy See will conduct an apostolic visitation of the diocese. Pope Francis has instructed so that the former Vatican diplomat, Cardinal Santos April y Castello, archpriest of the Patriarchal Basilica since 2011, Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. Santa Maria Maggiore has been in the spotlight since the election of Pope Francis because the miraculous image of Our Lady Salus Populi Romani is a favorite church of the Argentine Pope, which he has already visited several times. In Santa Maria Maggiore, oppressed brothers of the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate perform the altar service. There was the seat of the dissident group, which carried out a radical upheaval in the Order with the help of the Congregation of Religious. At the beginning of the month (January) celebration of the Immemorial Mass of All Ages established since the Jubilee Year 2000, was abolished by Cardinal Santos Abril without replacement. Pope Francis has been friends with Cardinal Abril from the time when he was 2000-2003 nuncio in Argentina.

With Cardinal Abril, Bishop Milton Luis Troccoli Cebélio will perform the visitation from Montevideo. The Paraguayan Episcopal Conference announced the upcoming Apostolic Visitation at a specially convened press conference.

Diocese of Ciudad del Este "Oasis in the Modernist Morass"

"The Diocese of Ciudad del Este is an oasis in the theological modernist morass of Latin America," said Messa in Latino. Bishop Livieres helped settle many traditional communities and start-ups in his diocese, which he offers "fatherly protection and spiritual retreat," said the tradition associated website. A diocesan priest from Ciudad del Este has written about the announced visitation by Rome: "It seems important to me, be noted that the prosecution does not proceed against the clergy of the diocese, where Don Rogerio Livieres is a popular and highly respected chief shepherd, but by other bishops who do not have his zeal. The attack comes from the commissions of the Episcopal Conference, led by progressives and where tradition and the Catholic faith is guided by the Bishop of Ciudad del Este, this is unbearable."

More Seminarians Than all Other Dioceses

Ten years after the appointment of Bishop Livieres, the fruits of his pastoral ministry are obvious. The Diocese of Ciudad del Este, which includes only twelve percent of Catholics, today with about 250 seminarians, has more seminarians than all other dioceses in Paraguay. Training in the diocesan seminary is know to be "truly Catholic in its doctrine and liturgy." As well known that other bishops are nervous about how demand the religious congregation in the case of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, and "counter-measures"?

Press Conference Announcing Pope Francis' Measures
Large archdioceses such as Buenos Aires and Montevideo have less than 30 seminarians. "That explains why the development in the Diocese of Ciudad del Este progressive parts of the church interfere," said Messa in Latino.

Bishop Complained to Archbishop of Asuncion About Aberrosexuality

The immediate occasion in which the visitation takes place right now, is likely to be a speech by Bishop Livieres which he gave in early June at the March for Life in his city. In it, he lamented with harsh words that the incumbent Archbishop of Asuncion, his Metropolitan, Eustaquio Pastor Cuquejo Verga has still not been removed from his office, despite the "existencia de pruebas concluyentes y coincidentes" [proven and demonstrable existence and coincidence] for his aberrosexuality. Archbishop Cuquejo, belonging to the Redemptorists, was still a Cardinal contender in 2002. He was appointed by Pope John Paul II as Auxiliary Bishop of Asuncion, first as interim from 1982 to 1889, and then officially appointed as archbishop in 1992. With the election of Pope Benedict XVI. this was withdrawn because of initial suspicions levied against Cuquejo, and a coadjutor was placed at his side in 2006. According to Bishop Livieres there was now no doubt. All Paraguay forms an ecclesiastical province. This attack on the highest representatives of the Catholic church in the country was strongly condemned by the General Secretariat of the Episcopal Conference and it demands an apology from Bishop Livieres. Which he refuses to do.

Not Two Months Later If a Visitation in Ciudad del Este Does Not Take Place in Asuncion

The Apostolic Visitation arranged by Pope Francis is set to take place from the 21-26th in July. One might entertain the hope that the Pope wants to make an accurate picture about why the diocese experienced such a bloom in vocations in order to eventually derive a model for the universal Church. Roman circles are trying to appease and to stress that the Apostolic Visitation is only serving the purpose to learn the diocesan relations and the local reality. A direct connection with the liturgy was not given. In traditional circles of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, however, they are harboring fears. The announcement of the visit has rekindled painful memories of the Vatican action against the Franciscans of the Immaculate.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

The Diocese of Ciudad del Este says that they asked for the apostolic visitation.
Do you think Pope Francis has any clue about the total failure of the mass of Paul VI to reinvigorate the Church?
Other sources cite the reason for this visit as being an investigation of Carlos Urrutigoity, former SSPX and SSJ, who has insinuated his way into a seat of power within the diocese, and who was accused of abusing young men while in Scranton, PA.
Maybe they want to learn what it takes to attract vocations.
:) :) :)
Pretty dishonest Blogpost, my understanding is that the visitation has to do with the fact that this Diocese incardinated and allowed Fr. Urrutigoity to become it's Vicar General. A diocese and a Bishop who allows a blunder this big to happen surely needs to be investigate, no matter how traditional or not it is, I'm sure even the SSPX would agree with this action.
I think we will have to wait and see. It does sound very suspicious that such a thriving diocese should be investigated, while others that have reached the point of collapse are treated as if all is rosy.

Remember, being a traditionally minded bishop does not make him a saint. We need to know the facts before we can judge who is in the right
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
world without end. Amen.
(07-14-2014, 08:46 PM)vendredi Wrote: Other sources cite the reason for this visit as being an investigation of Carlos Urrutigoity, former SSPX and SSJ, who has insinuated his way into a seat of power within the diocese, and who was accused of abusing young men while in Scranton, PA.

Interesting. Thanks for this "rest of the story".  Even so, something must be right to have so many vocations. And if indeed they did ask for a visitation then the article is off track.
This whole thing stinks from the Vatican and the local Bishop too.

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