Here's an interesting account of an apparent miracle
Here's an interesting account of an apparent miracle:

A Living Miracle

St. Charbel Heals A Cancer Patient

Elias Gharib was born in Damour, Lebanon in 1947. He is a living proof of God's love to his children on earth and St. Charbel's intervention to help those who ask for his intercession.

In 2000, Elias went through an entire physical exam in spite of him not feeling ill. He asked the doctor to do a chest X-ray because he was a smoker of thirty years. He had quit smoking a month earlier.

The X-ray showed a small spot on his lung but the doctor seemed confident that every thing was ok but ordered a CAT scan to make sure. Elias went to Aboujaoude Hospital where he underwent the CAT scan that showed to everyone's surprise the presence of a cancerous tumor on the lung. No one knew what pushed Elias to ask for all those tests, especially the Chest X-Ray.

A surgery to remove the tumor was inevitable at the time. Elias felt a little bit assured that the surgery would end the problem. The surgeon ordered a Biopsy to determine the kind and stage of the cancer. The Biopsy was not all that accurate. The doctor asked for tests on Elias head, stomach and bones before undergoing the surgery.

Two days before the surgery, they discovered another cancerous tumor on Elias' brain. The surgery was cancelled and Elias was referred to a Cancer Specialist who asked to start on Chemo therapy immediately. Elias who was close to God and far away from all the new medicine techniques carried his problems and went up to Jrabta to pray to St. Rafca and to St. Charbel in Annaya. Before every Chemo Session, he used to visit St. Rafca. He would have his medicine with him and he would pray with the nuns.

Six months later, a MRI showed a little improvement in the lung so did the brain MRI. Elias continued to pray. He never asked to be healed. He always asked for God's will to be done. After twenty Chemo Sessions, the MRI showed an 80 % improvement in the brain. The doctor was satisfied of the results and felt the need to continue the therapy. Elias wasn't feeling any pain.

He put himself in the Lord's merciful hand. He went to Australia. In Melbourne he was examined by a well known Cancer specialist who, after reviewing his file, couldn't believe the difference between the first and the last CAT scan and MRI. The doctor declared that a miracle was definitely the factor in Elias' case. He came back to Lebanon to continue the therapy. After a while, they did a new CAT scan on his brain. That last one showed no trace of the cancer. After one year of therapy, the doctor said that the cancer in the lung wasn't spreading to other organs but wasn't improving.

The doctor put Elias before three choices: continue the therapy, continue the X-ray, or stop the therapy and keep a close watch on the situation. It was up to Elias to decide. He asked for two days to think about the possibilities. During this time, he used to go with his wife regularly to visit St. Charbel and St. Rafca. On the second day after St. Charbel's feast, he went up to Annaya and asked St. Charbel to help him decide and to give him a sign to do what is best.

The next morning, his wife was having a coffee with her daughter while Elias was still sleeping. She ran to his room to show him what the residue of the coffee has marked in the cup. St. Charbel's face was clearly painted in the cup with the face of St. Rafca.

[Image: St.-Charbel-coffee-2.jpg]

Elias told his wife that this was the sign he asked St. Charbel for. He went to a professional photographer asking him to take a picture of the cup. The photographer asked Elias to come by with the cup because the photos turned out blank. He said to Elias that he's never seen anything like this in his entire life.

Elias, holding the cup in his hand, said those words to St. Charbel: "St. Charbel, I will distribute your pictures all over the world at my own expense. Please help the photographer take the pictures." The photographer tried to take the picture of the cup and the camera worked.

[Image: St.-Charbel-coffee-6.jpg]

Elias' story is a proof of God's glory through his saints. The photos attached to this article are nothing short of another great miracle of St. Charbel. Elias lives cancer free today. He is a living testimony of God's great love and mercy and the unstoppable intercession of St. Chabel the Saint of Lebanon.
wow, that's wonderful.
I myself begin to consider asking for intercession from the church triumphant, especially my patron saint.
Good night, my dear friends!

The picture of the cup makes the story. Here it is --- followed by the typical way in which St. Charbel is depicted:

[Image: st-charbel-drawing-art-poster-kim-wang2.jpg]

[Image: st-charbel-drawing-art-poster-kim-wang.jpg]
well not to rain on anyones parade but i don't think i ever have seen anything that looks like the residue on the sides as well as the bottom of  any coffee cup i have used. Can't imagine coffee  coating so much of the interior of the cup like  in that photo

hmmmm sort of does look like Vox with a beard hehe
(07-27-2014, 02:46 PM)Qoheleth Wrote: well not to rain on anyones parade but i don't think i ever have seen anything that looks like the residue on the sides as well as the bottom of  any coffee cup i have used. Can't imagine coffee  coating so much of the interior of the cup like  in that photo

I'll try to bring some sunshine back into the parade. A strong Arabic coffee, which I've had and is somewhat different than what most of us in the West are accustomed to, typically does leave a rather grimy residue in the cup.
ty for that ...its kind of what i was looking to hear from someone. :)

but still seems to resemble  vox with a beard heh :P

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