The Kasper Proposal & Father Ratzinger
SaintSebastian Wrote:I think your point about things being easily determined to be invalid, like a civil-only marriage by Catholics, would go toward certain proposals being made to improve the process for nullity judgments (for example, maybe the parish priest can just make that decision in that kind of circumstance).

Personally I wouldn’t mind the idea of the parish priest deciding. See the post above: Why does such a case even have to go before a Tribunal? A month is too long and a fee of $50 is too much. I like what the bishop of the diocese of Cleveland (or is it Columbus?) did. He ended the charging of fees on ALL annulments.

SaintSebastian Wrote:I've also read a canon lawyer suggest the opposite approach, of removing the presumption that someone who doesn't marry according to the Church's rules by that fact demonstrates a defect in the intention to do what the Church does, thereby making the sacrament invalid. Poorly catechized Catholics are often like Protestants, intending to enter a Christian marriage, but confused about the details (ie despite their ignorance, they have the proper general intention and could therefore enter into a valid sacrament).

Here’s how I look at it: If the couple is serious about the faith or at least desirous of following the rules of the Church, they will have a church wedding or get a dispensation from the bishop. However, many if not most couples in this situation are probably not aware of the Church’s rules or, having fallen away or perhaps never reared in the faith anyway, don’t care. If they have a church wedding (to please Mom and Dad) or if they get married at the courthouse, all’s fine and good by them.

A person like that might not intend to do what the Catholic Church intends. They are probably making up their own vows to boot. I'm sure there are many "invalid" marriages that last till death and many "valid" marriages that simply fail and end in divorce. I just don’t understand where the Catholic Church gets off thinking it has jurisdiction over all baptized persons from the cradle to the grave. The Church's marriage laws are the main obstacle keeping me from being a docile Catholic.

SaintSebastian Wrote:Anyway, I agree with you that this needs to be sorted out.  I think this Synod needs to be like the medieval ones which dealt with other issues, where they actually drew up concrete canon laws that sorted out clearly how certain cases should be handled, but I expect we'll just get mountains of prose with nothing concrete like they usually turn out these days.

Sounds like the title of a book or a movie: 21st Century Meets the Dark Ages and Sees the Light! LOL! But I expect you’re right: mountains of prose and high minded ideas not doable.
(08-08-2014, 01:15 PM)SCG Wrote: I like what the bishop of the diocese of Cleveland (or is it Columbus?) did. He ended the charging of fees on ALL annulments.

I agree.  Then everyone would know that you can't "buy" an annulment.

And it's Cleveland.

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