Before you discovered traditional Catholicism, had you heard of Fatima?
Before you discovered traditional Catholicism (the pre-Vatican II Mass, etc.), had you heard of Our Lady of Fatima?
Yes. I have a NO attending friend who is very into the Marian apparitions, and she told me about it. My husband is also familiar with it from growing up as his mom had an interest in it.
I first heard of Fatima from E Michael Jones when I was an atheist. I was listening to him because I was very friendly to traditional Christianity before I believed it was true.
I had also, by finding William Walsh's book about Fatima in a bookstore and reading it in 1995.  Even then, I wondered, why don't they just consecrate Russia?
Yes.  I heard about Fatima before I was Catholic, even.  My grandparents had been there when they visited Portugal, so I had heard of it.  When I first started investigating Catholicism, I heard about it quite a bit even in the "conservative, novus ordo" Catholic media.  When I started going to the Traditional Mass, I didn't really hear any more or less about Fatima than before...I guess I took it for a general "faithful Catholic" thing and not a "trad" thing.

My wife is of Portuguese ancestry, so she knew about it too.  She was a cradle Catholic, but never attended the TLM until we met and she started going with me.  The area where we live has a fairly large Portuguese-American population, and I think it is more closely tied to the Portuguese community than it is to traditional Catholics here.  It's similar to how Our Lady of Guadalupe is both a great devotion for all Catholics, and a point of cultural pride for Mexicans and Mexican-Americans.
I had a friend who read a book on the Third Secret, but I didn't make too much of it. I'd never heard of Fatima in the Novus Ordo church I attended; although they did make a big deal about Our Lady of Guadalupe, there was really no Marian devotion outside of a few references to Respect Life Month in October. This church's St. Mary and St. Joseph statues were oddly in the back of the church instead of by the altar on the Gospel and Epistle side, respectively (or is it reversed ∵ they did versus populum?…), so this may have contributed to the lack of Marian devotion. Plus, the pastor was an ecumaniac who ridiculed the Church deciding to place the feast of the Immaculate Conception so close to Christmas (because this confuses people apparently), so not offending the Protestant "sensibilities" certainly was another factor.
Nope.  Born and raised into the Novus Ordo, and never heard of Fatima until I began researching the Traditional Mass and stumbled across the Fatima Center website.
I was a teenage Fatimista.  This was after I reverted to the Faith at the age of 16.  I read about Fatima all the time;  I had books, subscribed to a Fatima magazine, etc.  This was in 1980.  And all I had was the Novus Ordo.

I have long since concluded that it is a mistake to ground one's practice of the Catholic faith in a private revelation of any kind, including approved apparitions like Fatima.  I believe these things train people away from what saints and spiritual theologians call "pure faith."  They also lead to all kinds of excesses and distortions in one's practice of the faith, especially in constricting one's understanding of it.

My model for practicing the Catholic faith is found in the teaching of Bl. Columba Marmion, particularly in his book Christ the Life of the Soul.
Yes, there's a Fatima community at the Novus Ordo parish that my street is a member of and where I attended the mass until I was about 17 (now I'm 22). And it's taken pretty seriously. My liberal Catholic parents also have a devotion to Our Lady of Fatima. So yes, I guess it's not a 'trad-only' thing. As for me, that's probably the only apparition that I pay much attention to, although it still has it's flaws (WWII was said to begin during Pius XI's pontificate).
of course I have had.  Now did I hear about when I went to those years of Catholic schooling, nope .  But I didn't expect us to hear about it, we heard about other stuff, St John Bosco, St. Dominic Savio, and Eye-talian related-stuff.  Did I hear about it when I reverted back in college, not from the parish but through my own research and endeavours.  Heck, it wasn't till after college did I even know that the TLM was still being regularly celebrated in places.   

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