Remnants of Catholicism in our Culture that give you hope?

A few minutes ago I was reading, when my radio-alarm started. I'd forgotten to turn it off when I woke up early, and I was quite shocked at the blaring music. To my amazement, however, I immediately recognized the choral piece as early Baroque, perhaps by Anerio, Gabrieli or even Biber. The words were:

Angelus Domini descendit de caelo, et dixit mulieribus: quem quaeritis? Surrexit, sicut dixit, alleluia.
An Angel of the Lord descended from heaven and said to the women: whom do you seek? He is risen, as He said. alleluia.

This shocked me: a secular classical-music radio station displaying such Christianity!  :grin:

We are built on this foundation. We must remember it and be hopeful. Have you ever had a moment like this in our culture? A moment of joy from echoes of Catholic music, architecture, art, or literature? Remnants of the past, and hope for the future?
Off the top of my head (and I'm sure I'll think of more but I'm rushed at the moment): I live next to the church and I love hearing the church bells... especially The Angelus every noon and six pm. In fact, there are dozens of Catholic churches in my neighborhood alone, and often I can hear multiple churches "going off" at the same time. Whenever I hear that I say a prayer and remember to thank God that I'm an American. Gives me a whole new meaning to the phrase "let freedom ring."

More later..

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