Favor Needed -- Kinda Fast

Could someone please send me a dollar, or even 25 cents, using the DONATE link in the menu?  I need to test it out, but can't send money to myself.  Please post here if you're willing to do that so everyone else won't try, also (hmmm, on second thought! :P )

Then, if you would, post here and let me know if it was successful OR, if it wasn't, what problems you encountered, what error messages, if any, you got, etc... THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP WITH THIS! 

Sorry to post this here in this sub-forum, but this is pretttttty important!  I will remove this thread when I figure out what's up and determine if that Donate Link works (or not, and then get it fixed right!)

Paypal said it worked, the donations page is waiting to be updated.

It worked! Yayyy!  THANKS, oh Captain, my Captain!  That's a great relief to know it's working!

Now I am wondering about the subscription system... Hmmmm!  I have no idea how to test THAT one out!  I'm thinking, though, that if the Donation link works, then the subscription one likely does. They're two different mods, though...


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