CRS: not a place to give your money! (in govt pocket)

Thorough report on the grave and continuing problems at Catholic Relief Services

Christine Niles has an internet radio show called Forward Boldly.  She interviewed Dr. Stephen Mosher of the Population Research Institute late last week regarding the ongoing scandal of Catholic Relief Services’ involvement in distribution of contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization agents in its “relief” work in Africa and other places.

The program is an hour long but very worth listening to.  While it does rehash some material from last  year’s scandalous revelations regarding CRS and its far too cozy relationship with many pro-abort, contraceptive-distributing, population control agencies, there is much new ground covered.  This is a really valuable contribution, I thank Christine and Dr. Mosher for their efforts:

Key takeaways, for me:
•Catholic Relief Services’ near total dependence on federal funding has resulted in a severe compromise of the organization’s Catholic character and moral behavior.  CRS receives over 70% of its funding from the federal government
•The US bishops interpret both the receipt of federal funding, and the Constitution’s “no establishment” clause, to mean they cannot “discriminate” in hiring only faithful Catholics to staff organizations like CRS.  Note, the bishops never fought over this interpretation, they simply yielded to it as a matter of course. So, CRS in Africa and around the world is frequently staffed with leftist atheists, evangelical protestants, pagan libertines, etc., all working to undermine Catholic Doctrine in one of the few places it is still relatively observed, Africa.
•CRS is staffed with many people from radical population control NGOs like International Planned Barrenhood and the UN Population Fund.  These organizations are totally, completely steeped in the contraceptive/abortive mindset.  The idea that these people once hired by a Catholic institution would suddenly give up their lifelong support for abortion or contraception at the behest of the Church is ludicrous.  The data indicates they do not.
•CRS in Africa and, I’m certain, around the world, operates like a rogue agent, completely independent from local diocesan oversight.  This is the claim of bishops of Madagascar.
•CRS has been directly involved in the distribution of contraceptives and dangerous abortifacients like Depo-Provera.
•CRS routinely engages in obfuscation and prevarication in attempting to escape moral culpability and oversight of its pro-population control activities
•USAID, the source of much of CRS’ funding, is one of the most virulently, dogmatic population control agencies in the world.  Does anyone think he who pays the piper does not call the tune, in this case?

There are many more really devastating points raised in the show.  I encourage you to listen to all of it.

The federal government is no friend of the Church, or the moral order. The federal government is increasingly an institution of radical social change, endemically hostile to the interests of the Church and right moral conduct.  And yet, the bishops of the United States choose to be more and more and MORE dependent on federal funding.  Right now they are getting deeply embroiled in this immigration fiasco/”crisis,” receiving federal funding to provide some kind of help, but note the timing: the federal government just imposed a regulation saying even private contractors, like churches, who receive federal funding, cannot discriminate on the basis of “sexual orientation.”  The Church in this country has already been badly compromised over the issue of federal funding for contraception and abortion and the willingness of at least some Church organs to provide those services, now the Church is faced with endorsing sodomy in order to keep Uncle Sam’s gravy train rolling.  OK, perhaps not “faced,” quite yet, but soon, and inevitably.

As the threats against the rights of the Church from the government mount, as the undermining of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ advances, it is well past time to end this dependence on federal funding.  It will only be used more and more as a club to attempt to beat the Church into sexular pagan submission.

There is also very good content featuring Michael Hitchborn from American Life League, which I shouldn’t neglect to mention.  When I hear him describe how often the bishop’s seem utterly surprised to find out what is going on at their own agencies, agencies they supposedly spend most of their time overseeing (which is why bishops are supposed to be so rarely available within their own dioceses, because they are always off performing USCCB-level tasks), I have to laugh.  Either the bishops are saying they have no control over their bureaucracy, in which case, nice management skills there, or the exasperation at the continued revelation of these ongoing scandals and the highly problematic nature of all these bureaucracies is just an effort at cover-up and blame-shifting.  Which one would like to think would be beneath the nature of a prelate in Christ’s Holy Church, but I don’t think we can make that assumption, given the course of the entire abuse scandal.

I guess a good question is, how, and when, did the episcopate in this country (and so many others) go so totally off the rails.  And why? (

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