St Bernard on Pride and Humility
Today on the Feast of St Bernard of Clairvaux, (August 20) listen to how humility makes a man great, while pride makes even angels hateful and odious.  If the devil can trick us into pride under the guise of humility we are in great danger of losing our souls, do not trust what the world says about true humility, but rather the the wise and often time witty instructions of the great St Bernard.  St Bernard , Doctor and the last Father of the Church will explain how pride starts and where it ends.

You can listen to or download the audiobook here on the 12 Steps to Pride and Humility

Here are some other Audiobooks for St Bernard as well:

We are also running a poll on our facebook page for what our next free audiobook is going to be, please consider checking it out and voting.

The choices are
How to Converse Continually and Familiarly with God by St Alphonsus
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