Trad Men and Annulled Women
(10-12-2018, 04:42 PM)ComeSoon! Wrote: OK, I'll admit, what is EF? I'm familiar with NO & SSPX.

The EF is the Vetus Ordo, the opposite of the Novus Ordo, the Old Order, the Traditional Latin Mass, by whomever it's celebrated.
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I thought I would weigh in on this.  I'm 40, single, never married, no kids.  I've tried Catholic Match, Ave Maria and Catholic Singles.  Each one has their own unique twist to things.  I often don't lead with my preference for the TLM, but I do mention it.  People have many preconceived notions about the TLM and motivations to attend.  I consider myself a "middle of the road" type of guy and I've seen first hand where the ditches to the right and to the left are.  Dating is difficult, especially the older I get.  Options are fewer and I've found that the ladies now a days aren't impressed that I am a notary.  Seriously, what does it take ladies? :)  

Surely I jest.
I'm sorry you've had this experience with dating sites and men.

(and I like your avatar, btw!)

Let me share a little bit of my story that might help you.

I was engaged for almost 3 years to a guy who wasn't hardcore Trad but who introduced me to the Latin Mass. He left me a few weeks before our wedding, and after I felt (sort of) healed, I went on Catholic Match. I only sought out Trad guys (believe it or not, there are a lot on there, and more coming every day). I found a hardcore, convert, annulled Trad guy and we dated for a few months. I hate to say this, but he was kind of a nut. VERY rigid. Tried to control how I dressed, spoke, acted, everything. For reasons I don't know (and don't really care about now) he dumped me after a few months. Now he's with another Trad woman, and God help her.

Then I found another guy who wasn't Trad. In fact, he had never even HEARD of the Latin Mass. Never been to one. Didn't even really care about going to one. But he was OK with me wearing my chapel veil to NO Mass, and he was solid in his faith. I took him to a TLM, and slowly but surely, he came around. I can hardly believe it myself, but he loves the TLM now. He even stopped receiving communion in the hand--now he receives kneeling and on the tongue even at NO Masses! (Of course, I can't take any credit for this--it was all the grace of God working in his heart).

What am I trying to say by all of this? Well, don't write off the non-Trad men right away. Give them a chance. Go out with a few of them and ask if they would be open to attending a TLM with you. If they are serious about their faith, and have any intelligence at all, your example and the grace of God will work wonders.

Sometimes, Trad men can be snobs. Difficult. Tyrannical, even. (No offense out there, just saying what I've experienced in my own life!) I would encourage you not to write off an otherwise wholesome guy just because he's never been to a TLM or doesn't know anything about Trads.

Also, I must recommend the books of Suzanne Venker if you're seeking a vocation in marriage. Good luck! And don't be afraid to post here often--Lord knows I do, and everyone here is so kind  :)
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A-hem, crownvic is a man, dear!
To crownvic-tell us more about yourself and why you think you would be a good husband and father.
Sorry, PatienceAndLove, I do not have a fortune cookie to hand you, but since you said, please, all those men you have come across are anomalies, and maybe you will meet the man God wishes you to meet.

I am hoping to play pickleball with a neighbor.  She has a teenage daughter.  She has been busy and said, she will let me know:  when they have time.

I like being single for a variety of reasons; still, I do pray for a good wife.

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