Disturbing yet unsurprising. Cardinal Burke being removed.
Francis is a revolutionary but it's no real surprise considering his background,his formation and his style while he was in South America. The Roman Catholic Church has been destroying itself from within for over half a century,it's hard to watch, especially when during the Benedict pontificate things seemed to be getting better.

There are a handful of prelates like Cardinal Burke, and Athanasius Schneider that want the Church to be a spiritual institution whose mission is the sanctification of men and the salvation of souls but for every Cardinal Burke or Athanasius Schneider there are 10 Roger Mahony's, Jorge Bergoglio's or Timothy Dolan's to derail them.

While I do not support the SSPX I certainly have sympathy for them and those who attend their chapels. They just want the Roman Catholicism our grandparents and great grandparents remembered,a Roman Catholicism of real piety,devotion and beauty.


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