Disturbing yet unsurprising. Cardinal Burke being removed.
To say the divorce issue was not considered an obstacle to reunion in the 15th century, isn't really true.  The bull of union was signed at the Council of Florence with the knowledge that certain issues still needed to be worked out.  These were enumerated by the Pope and the emperor on July 14, 1439.  They included primarily the practice of divorce among the Greeks and the problem of overlapping jurisdictions (or where there were two bishops for one see), as well as more minor details like what to do with Mark of Ephesus and the filling a of a vacant patricarchal see.

The divorce issue was actually solved with the Armenians at the Council and the doctrine laid down:

"Although separation of bed is lawful on account of fornication, it is not lawful to contract another marriage, since the bond of a legitimately contracted marriage is perpetual."

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