Disturbing yet unsurprising. Cardinal Burke being removed.
The thing if one cannot trust the Pope and the hierarchy than doesn't that already mean that one has lost the Catholic Faith? If things have gotten so bad that the Pope and the hierarchy have basically gutted and destroyed Catholicism over the last half century and our only hope is to attend groups who refuse to be under the jurisdictionn of lawful Catholic authority than don't we already have some serious problems? What kind of bare minimum is necessary for a Catholic to still believe that Rome is the True Church and their hasn't been a massive defection from the Faith by the Pope and the hierarchy? 

I would say that if the sheer insanity of the last half century of papally sanctioned wreckovation has not convinced you to leave the Church than nothing will. It cannot get worse than it already has. I just don't see how it's possible,short of Francis shutting down all the Latin Mass chapels in the world or ordaining female cardinals or perhaps allowing for con celebration with Protestants. There's no lower the Roman Catholic Church can possibly go. I'm convinced this last half century is the dark night of the soul for the  Church,the moment when Christ was on the Cross and it was not Peter,but only St. John and Our Lady that stayed by him.

There's definitely some good things happening in the Catholic world,but at this point we are still standing by the Cross,with Our Lord bleeding,emaciated  and disfigured beyond recognition gasping for shallow breaths while lifted high on the wood of the Cross. Resurrection is in the future but it's nowhere in sight right now; there is only sadness,mockery,abandonment and the circling of vultures hungerly eyeing their prey.

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