Disturbing yet unsurprising. Cardinal Burke being removed.
(09-21-2014, 03:14 PM)PolishTrad Wrote:
(09-21-2014, 01:16 PM)austenbosten Wrote:
(09-21-2014, 11:32 AM)PolishTrad Wrote: Yeah, but they're at least consistent in their teaching so perhaps they got it right from the beginning.
Then it's pointless to be talking about St Pius X and Modernism, considering he was part of a Church, that had it wrong all along.
I'm not saying we've had it wrong all along. I'm saying we'll have to at least consider this possibility IF something very radical happens next month.
I think it is dangerous to one's Faith to even entertain such an idea. To entertain that idea is to have no faith in Christ's promise to Holy Mother Church when He said in St Matthew's Gospel Chpt 18 "...and the gates of Hell shall not prevail"

If there is a radical change (which there won't be, which will be much to the disappointment of some) then essentially Christianity is false, because Hell would have prevailed.

Either we have supernatural faith and we trust in God the Holy Spirit to protect Holy Mother Church from error and we pray, pray, pray on the upcoming synod (because yes even Cdl Dolan and Kasper desperately need our prayers) or we walk with a faith that is all head and no heart....we simply become the roots growing on the rocks that are scorched by the sun.

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