Disturbing yet unsurprising. Cardinal Burke being removed.
But how do you prove that what St. Iranaeus said about the Church of Rome was not conditional, as in one must agree with the Church of.Rome so long as Rome doesn't fall away? Vatican II and the papal weirdness of the last 60 years certainly does not make the claims that Rome is the True Church easy to accept nor all that credible really. The Vatican II era is the biggest stumbling block for me to accept Rome as the True Church.

I dont care a whit for scholasticism and Thomism and all that, but at least prior to the 60's Rome seemed invincible, it seemed to be what it claimed it was. Now it doesn't. It takes a huge leap of faith in the dark with no use of reason whatsoever to to believe it.  It appears as if Rome, under the papacy, had destroyed itself and has spent the last 60 years celebrating it's own about face and demise as a second pentecost. Insane really.

I don't really blame people for joining a sede or SSPX chapel or for even burying their heads in the sand. Anything to keep the faith.and ones sanity I suppose.  Its excruciating for me because I love specifically Catholic things like Eucharistic adoration, the Benedictine Office, the fully developed theology of sacramentals,Western Advent and parts of the Sacred Heart and the Rosary,Gregorian Chant,Ember Days etc, buy I do not believe Rome is the true Church in light of Vatican II, or I struggle deeply with it. I do not want to be in communion with Francis,Cardinal O Malley,Cardinal Dolan et. al. I just don't,I can't bring myself to it.

I want to believe I made the right decision in becoming Catholic, but lately it's been a huge struggle. Please pray for me, as it's very hard. I have never, ever lost my faith in Jesus Christ nor have I stopped praying, however, my faith in Rome continues to flounder.

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