Disturbing yet unsurprising. Cardinal Burke being removed.
This isn't the first time the Church of Rome's credibility has been hurt by her members, and even her heads.  And there is a reason why those times led to major problems.  The Great Schism, the Reformation, and various other smaller hemorrhagings have happened when Rome's credibility was at a low point.  In other words, you're not the first person to feel that way.

In fact, the very reason Rome's supernatural prerogatives have had to be defended historically is because opponents raised objections to them based on that apparent low credibility. 

Rome seems unassailable to you until the 1950s because it weathered those periods when its credibility had been shaken and came out the stronger for it.  I guess we'll see if it can do it again.

Some more from St. Bridget (from the same letter quoted above, the absent Pope was in France):

St. Bridget Wrote:With their ceilings fallen in and their doors removed, the temples of these saints have been converted into latrines for men, dogs, and beasts. The city is spiritually unhappy, because many of the decrees issued in the church by holy popes under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for the glory of God and the salvation of souls have now been abolished. In their place, alas, many new abuses have been adopted under the  inspiration of the evil spirit for the dishonor of God and the perdition of souls.
[she goes into detail about the various problems]
Accordingly, Reverend Sir, do not be surprised if I have described the city of Rome as unhappy due to such abuses and many others opposed to ecclesiastical statutes. Hence, it is to be feared that the Catholic faith will soon perish, unless some such man arrives who, with a real and not a counterfeit faith, loves God above all things and his neighbor as himself and abolishes all these abuses. Have compassion, then, on the church and on those of her clergy who love God wholeheartedly and abhor all these wicked customs. They have been like orphans due to the pope's absence, but they have defended the see of their father like sons and have wisely opposed the traitors, persevering in the midst of much hardship.

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