Big Fan of Voris. Done with the "Lesé-majesté " policy
Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of Michael Voris.

But what does he think his constant harping of Cardinal Dolan will achieve ? Does he not understand that if Cardinal Dolan was gone/quit/removed/retired , he will be replaced with someone much worse given the Holy Fathers record?

Why does he categorically refuse to acknowledge the grave problems coming directly from the throne of St. Peter? Men like Daneels, Schonborn and Kasper are exalted and men like Burke are put out to pasture. Does he really think that writing an e-mail to a Pope will somehow make a difference?

This Pope is a loose canon and a liability for the Church. It's like Vatican 2 on steroids and embodied in a single individual. If the Church can survive this Pope then it really will serve as proof of her divine and supernatural aspect . It's easier to survive Popes with no morals, rival anti-popes and weak popes than a pope who is a theological weapon of mass destruction .
Remaining quiet about the destruction he explicitly and implicitly causes is being an accomplice to the crime. 

I am 31, but I often wonder wonder how a supposedly thriving Church in the 40's and 50's full of supposedly faithful prelates born in the 1880's and 90's became a smoking ruin in the 60's and I know: people who refused to confront the problem in the face in the style of St. Paul. Well,  except for the maligned Archbishop Lefebvre. 

Railing against bad Bishops who if nothing else are obedient to the Pope in their chaos and confusion  really serves no purpose. Report on the real problem please.

Michael Matt is much more lucid on the mater:


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