Big Fan of Voris. Done with the "Lesé-majesté " policy
Hi.  I'm new here.  I'll post an introduction whenever I finish it- I always have trouble writing introduction posts just the way I want, so I'm not quite there yet.

Michael Voris definitely likes to pick on Cardinal Dolan.  Whenever he mentions him, a picture of His Eminence laughing or carrying on with President Obama always shows up- never any reverent or prayerful posture.  Perhaps there's a bit of overkill there, but Cardinal Dolan is VERY influential among bishops, priests, religious, and laity.  I know many Catholics (and I'm in Missouri- not exactly close to New York) who just cling to his every word like he's the greatest thing ever.  Because of his influence, more is required of him- more clarity, more courage to fight the culture of death, and more courage.  I'm sure he's a great guy just to be around, but as Ven. Archbishop Fulton J Sheen once said in The Priest is not His Own, "we become significant to our fellow men not by being a 'regular guy,' but by being another Christ."

Michael Voris played a recording (I think it was yesterday) of Cardinal Dolan saying the Gay Pride group intending to march in the St. Patrick's Day parade was not living in sin.  A person can be living in sin without actually having sex.  They can give bad counsel to sin (Some of the harshest words Our Lord ever spoke were to those who corrupt the innocent).  They can be silent when those around them are living in sin (also a bad thing).  They can cause scandal because they appear to most reasonable people to be living in or advocating tolerance of sin.  Sin is the only thing that can send someone to hell- no room for tolerance there.  His Eminence ought to have said- in charity- that they appear to be advocating homosexual activity and that this is not in line with God's law (i.e. sin- gotta say that too), and taken the perfect opportunity set before him to concisely explain the Church's teaching on the matter and how to work towards living them.  Cardinal Dolan seems to have really gone off the rails here, and because of his influence among so many and for the good of his soul, I am glad that Michael Voris called him out on it.

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