Big Fan of Voris. Done with the "Lesé-majesté " policy
I am not calling into question his love for the Church or his devotion. The tittle says I am a big fan.

But Mr. Matt is right. How can we blame Dolan for following the example of his boss? How can we blame Kasper and Daneels for doing what they do when they get exalted and Cardinal Burke gets the axe for saying the truth.?

My point is that his policy to not critizise a Pope who is presiding over a spiritual reign of terror over the Church is a very bad decision. He is doing exactly what he blames the other catholic media of doing by not reporting and commenting on the real problem in the Church at this moment. The problem is clear and has a name : Pope Francis I.

If his fear is disrespecting the Papacy, there is a respectful and catholic way of saying what desperately needs to be said instead of suggesting we should write e-mails and not talk about it.  The Pope needs to know that there is a very strong resistance to his agenda of destruction.

Worring about Dolan leading a parade  with gays is INSIGNIFICANT compared to what Pope Francis and Cardinal Kasper are trying to achieve in the upcoming Synod and the fact that the heads of conservative Cardinals keep on getting personally cut of by the Pope. The story IS NOT Dolan. Not by a long shot


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