Big Fan of Voris. Done with the "Lesé-majesté " policy
What I don't get is why people are not blaming Benedict XVI for any of this. He was old and tired. They are all old, and, well, the replacement has one lung.

I know this sounds weird, but I cannot see how we can blame Francis and NOT blame Benedict. 
I suppose I should begin by saying that I don;t know enough about Voris' working conditions to know if he can criticize the Pope if he wants to or not. I mean, there might be consequences for such a thing. There shouldn't be, but there might be. Also, he is perhaps looking to influence things at a grassroots level, and for all we know has already despaired of seeing any improvements coming from Rome. I don't think we know enough.

But back to my original view, this present state of affairs was a result of the resignation, unprecedented and almost without parallel in the history of the Church, of Benedict. It is impossible for me not to place the blame solidly there. Or, rather, should we think that he, having been CDF for YEARS and then Pope for YEARS, being familiar with ALL of the Church's problems, did not realize what would happen? Are you kidding me? He didn't know? He didn't suspect? He thought the guys would get someone else? He was ignorant of his Curia? He was ignorant of Church politics? He, the theological brain, the liturgical brain, the intellectual Pope DID NOT KNOW? This is option A. If this is what happened, then he is the worst pope in all of history, being most ignorant at precisely the most crucial moment since the Arian crisis. Option A.
Option B is that someone had some serious dirt on HIM. I actually think this is a better option. It would at least not be insane, as is Option A. Remember his last great speech, blistering criticism of the media. And this was right on the heels of the document on homosexuals in the Curia etc. being placed on his desk. Guys had started to jump ship already. Cardinal from Scotland jumped ship before it hit the fan. Cardinal from Portugal as well I think. And then, all of a sudden, he is leaving.

So, I suppose that I can see a place for Voris' method. Grassroots, looking to get to parents and young men and women and seminarians, going over the heads of the ordinary channels, do some work now that will have positive effects later. But as for whether one should criticize Pope Francis or not, I think that when the occasion does call for criticism, one must criticize BOTH popes that we now have. And just as there would be none of this wild Kaspar rubbish without Francis, there would be no Francis without Benedict. So if Pope Francis is on the hook, so should Benedict be. Either way, nothing is going to change until a lot of old guys die and a lot of people who do not believe anything simply leave the Church and stop running things.

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