Big Fan of Voris. Done with the "Lesé-majesté " policy
Given all this talk, I really don't know how any of you could have survived the Protestant revolt. Seriously

(09-20-2014, 03:33 PM)spikepaga Wrote: The fact the Pope agrees with Kasper's schema of destruction,
You got a confirmed quote on that?

Quote:The fact that Burke is getting a ceremonial post needs to be discussed.
Rumours are not facts. No matter how much the blogosphere and media is soooo sure about.

Quote:But just like the Pope he causes confusion and despair with his actions.
The Pope cannot help it, if the media decides to twist his words and the bloggosphere armchair-popes want to shout "heresy!" Comparing what Cdl Dolan did, to the twisting of Holy Father's words is uncharitable and illogical. What Cdl Dolan did is wrong, Pope Francis is not guilty of any public sin, other than being probably the most misunderstood pope in history.

Quote:As we know very well already it's not necessary to officially "change anything" to inflict damage and destruction.  Just give the impression you are thru your words and actions and you can turn the world upside down.
What through the world "upside down" with Vatican II, was the result of bad bishops and priests....not Pope Paul VI. Let's be honest...had Vatican II not have happened...we would most likely still be here in the same situation...or worse, because at least with Vatican II...we have people pointing to a serious crisis in the Chruch.

Quote:Voris keeps on talking about the so-called Revolution and the revolutionaries,.......newsflash: their leader is the current Pope.
Can you please explain what His Holiness has done that is soooo revolutionary? Other than choosing not to wear the shoes of a fisherman?  :eyeroll:

Once again, I hear this talk from Trads about how "Francis is destroying the Church" or "he's a radical leader and thinker"....yet has anyone here bothered to read Evangelii Gaudium? Has Francis made any horrible decree that allows the LWRC go nuts and shout "yeah!" or allowed "gay-marryge"

All I hear from trads is Chicken Little and still we are here coming up 2 years....and nothing big has happened so far regarding the destruction of the Church.

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