Big Fan of Voris. Done with the "Lesé-majesté " policy
Your observations are understandable.  There have been, from the time of Our Lord Himself, examples of weak men and women within and leading the Catholic Church.  Judas was an Apostle.  There have been some absolutely awful Popes.  In fact, there doesn't seem to have been a time in the Church when there weren't serious examples of infidelity and decadence.  But, as you well know, the Church is still here.  The Passion of Our Lord continues in His Mystical Body, the Church, and our daily Vortex episodes are replete with contemporary examples of perfidy and malfeasance.  From the beginning it has always seemed that now would be a perfect time for Jesus to come again.

We choose not to subject the present Holy Father, Pope Francis, and his predecessors, to the same public criticism that we give to Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and "professional Catholics." It is understandable that you, and many others, judge this to be an inconsistency on our part. It is, but only if one fails to make important distinctions, not least of which is that the Church is founded on the Rock that is Peter and his successors and not on those who are merely successors of the Apostles.  Without Peter there is no Church.  Our Faith informs us that Peter can even deny Our Lord yet still enjoy Our Lord's protection and favor.  Not so anyone else, including one of the original Twelve.

So we draw a line, a very consciously drawn line, which we will not cross and criticize the Pope publicly.  We are as aware as anyone that there have been and even are troubling words and deeds of Popes, including recent ones.  Most people would become aware of these papal "failings" for the first time if they heard about them from us.  We do not wish to give that kind of scandal.  We also do not intend to be mindless cheerleaders for the indefensible (e.g., "Proselytism is solemn nonsense").  We choose to protect the good name and reputation both of the office and person of the Holy Father.

We have addressed the issue of “public criticism of the Pope” on several occasions:

FAQ: ChurchMilitant.TV Will Not Engage in Public Criticism of the Pope

It Always Comes Back to the Pope

The Pope is Different

Tell the Pope, Not the World

Disobeying the Pope

In the Vortex episode “Be A Man!” ()  we do not address the issue of “papal criticism” directly but, rather, discuss the very related issue of “consequences” to be expected when anyone, lay or clerical, confronts a member of the hierarchy, even in private, with particular emphasis on the “consequences” risked by priests.

We also encourage listening to the following sermons by a priest of the FSSP, who tackles the problem(s) of the Pope AND the crisis in the Church and tells us how to respond as faithful Catholics:

Christ is the Point

Spiritual Contraception

Don’t Follow the Leader Over the Cliff

Storm Clouds on the Horizon

These videos and sermons say, in our judgment, all that needs to be said on these issues.  They provide much food for thought, prayer and meditation to help us find our way through the "devastated vineyard" in the "desolate city" of the Church today.

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