Big Fan of Voris. Done with the "Lesé-majesté " policy
(09-21-2014, 10:49 AM)austenbosten Wrote:
(09-21-2014, 07:29 AM)missadeangelis Wrote: It is clear from your posts that you are a Pope Francis apologist of the highest order. It's not the media that is doing the best job of spinning the Holy Father's words and actions, it's folks like you. Sometimes, though, one just can't polish a turd no matter how hard one tries.

Here's that quote you were looking for:

"Yesterday, before falling asleep, though not to fall asleep, I read, or re-read, Cardinal Kasper’s remarks. I would like to thank him, because I found a deep theology, and serene thoughts in theology. It is nice to read serene theology. It did me well and I had an idea, and excuse me if I embarrass Your Eminence, but the idea is: this is called doing theology while kneeling. Thank you. Thank you.” -Pope Francis

Sounds like he's supporting Kasper's message to me.

I'll respond to the rest of your post later when I have more time.


I'm always amused by the so-called "trad" hive mindset that if one doesn't agree with the narrative that Pope Francis is this being evil, heretical destroyer of Catholicism....then somehow he/she must be "an apologist" or "Neo-Cath".

Where did I ever spin His Holiness's words? All I simply did was ask questions, made an honest point that "rumours are not facts" and pointed out that the Holy Father has not done near the horrible things certain trads expect him to do. All of these would not classify as spinning, but simply making a point that is not part of the collective group of naysaying.

Maybe you need to turn off the Fox News and stop thinking everything is on a Left-Right/"with me or with the terrorists" paradigm.
Look, you're on virtually every thread even slightly critical of the Pope telling people they're wrong and its just a bad translation or a misunderstanding or "this is what he really meant" or using some other tactic. That is what qualifies you as a Francis "apologist". I'm not saying Pope Francis is evil, I am chiefly suggesting that he speaks and acts imprudently and causes much confusion among Catholics.

I note that you didn't comment on the quote I provided in my previous post. I ask you now, do you concede that the Pope supports Cardinal Kaspers theology regarding communion for the divorced and remarried (since that is what the Pope was referring to)?  ???

As for the notion that had Vatican II not happened the Church would still be in the crisis it finds itself in - that is laughable. We wouldn't have ecumenism, dialogue and near universalism or the "Church of Nice" for starters. And if there was never a "spirit" of Vatican II we likely wouldn't have "many calamities, so many problems, so much misery, in reality: seminaries closed, convents closed, liturgy trivialized." to quote HH Benedict XVI.

You seem to have a genuine dislike or lack of respect for "trads" in general. Why you choose to post on a traditional Catholic forum rather than somewhere more friendly to anti-trads like CAF I don't understand.

Alas, I concede I do watch Fox news, but as a Canadian I watch it mostly for entertainment purposes.  :LOL:

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