Big Fan of Voris. Done with the "Lesé-majesté " policy
I agree with the OP. I am also a fan of Michael Voris, I love his stuff. However, I find it a bit disingenuous to hammer away at Cardinal Dolan over his acceptance of homosexuality, his religious indiferentism, and his lack of doctrinal precision, when these are all characteristics of Francis´ papacy.

I fail to understand the official explanation that Church Militant has posted in this thread about their policy to never publicly criticise a Pope. They are either unaware that publicly criticising a superior is sometimes a DUTY of a catholic when the Faith is at stake, as St. Thomas writes, or else (more probably) they are afraid of losing viewers if they direct their vitriole at Rome. I hope they do not turn into what they have so bravely denounced: "professional catholics".

As Mr. Matt says, Dolan is only doing what his boss does. To use a simple mataphore, if a firm is losing money, who is ultimately responsible; the heads of the various departments, or the Director General? If we think of the Church as a multinational firm, the buck stops at the Pope. Ultimately he is responsable for all the bishops in the world, because they owe him their office in the first place, and he can depose any of them at a stroke of his pen.

The problem is that the Church deals in immortal souls, not money. We must pray for Pope Francis, that he might restore Tradition to the Church. However, sometimes we also have to speak out. If we truly care about the salvation of souls we should not become complicit through our silence with the spiritual devastation that is causing so many to lose the faith, leading millions to Hell.

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