Big Fan of Voris. Done with the "Lesé-majesté " policy
(09-21-2014, 04:01 PM)austenbosten Wrote:
(09-21-2014, 03:20 PM)missadeangelis Wrote: Look, you're on virtually every thread even slightly critical of the Pope telling people they're wrong and its just a bad translation or a misunderstanding or "this is what he really meant" or using some other tactic.
That's an exaggeration and I simply just post my thoughts on topics. The reason I seem to be on every thread "critical" of the Pope, is because almost every thread is a critical thread of the Pope.

Quote:That is what qualifies you as a Francis "apologist". I'm not saying Pope Francis is evil, I am chiefly suggesting that he speaks and acts imprudently and causes much confusion among Catholics.

No it qualifies me as a Catholic who simply disagrees with you. You do not hear me calling you a "Francis-hater"

Quote:I note that you didn't comment on the quote I provided in my previous post. I ask you now, do you concede that the Pope supports Cardinal Kaspers theology regarding communion for the divorced and remarried (since that is what the Pope was referring to)?  ???

I did not read anywhere stating that the Pope supports Cdl Kaspers specific theology on Communion for divorced and remarried...just that he read his work and found a serene could mean anything.

Quote:As for the notion that had Vatican II not happened the Church would still be in the crisis it finds itself in - that is laughable. We wouldn't have ecumenism, dialogue and near universalism or the "Church of Nice" for starters. And if there was never a "spirit" of Vatican II we likely wouldn't have "many calamities, so many problems, so much misery, in reality: seminaries closed, convents closed, liturgy trivialized." to quote HH Benedict XVI.

Then you are one of those who believe that there was no brewing crisis in the Church before Vatican II....even Ven Pope Pio XII admitted there was a problem.

If you don't think that we would not still be here with or without Vatican II....then you somehow think that a document most people never have read (even those who condone or condemn it) magically turned all these humble and pious priests and bishops into heretics.

The rotten fruits were already spoiling the bunch long before the NO and Vatican II.

Quote:You seem to have a genuine dislike or lack of respect for "trads" in general. Why you choose to post on a traditional Catholic forum rather than somewhere more friendly to anti-trads like CAF I don't understand.

Because much to probably your surprise, I consider myself a Traditional Catholic. I just try and avoid being what Vox labels as a "toxic trad"

I tend to see a lot of hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth among people her at Fisheaters regarding Holy Father and I'm simply trying to be a voice of reason, rather than fan the flames of scandal.

Here is a link to what one would consider a toxic-trad:

You are in fact in every topic as the self appointed apologist for the Holy Father. Your specialty seems to be sugar-coating reality and wanting everyone to see reality thru your extra thick rose colored glasses.

If you would actually be capable of putting your bias and ideology aside, you would realize that the reason there are multiple topics concerning the Pope are a reaction to the Popes actions and not the other way around.  Never mind, your job as clean-up man is more important to you than discussing the truth


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