Big Fan of Voris. Done with the "Lesé-majesté " policy
(09-21-2014, 09:12 PM)spikepaga Wrote: And no, people don't know. As its clearly illustrated in this discussion, people actually believe that the Holy Father's words are being "twisted" or that he is being "misunderstood".. Most people who live on the planet earth and are honest, know now this is not the truth. The Pope says what the Pope says. Am I saying we should dwell on it? NO. Am I saying that we should spend hours upon hours tearing him apart? NO. But when he says or does something that is clearly toxic, damaging and just plain wrong there is no legitimate theological reason to say . "The Pope said "a, b, and c, and he is incorrect. You can't condem others because of your personal reservations on speaking out and warning others on following potential errors. As a matter of fact that is exactly what Cardinal Burke has already done TWICE when he warned the faithful about  Evangelii Gaudium and more recently on his clarification on the "who am I to judge" remark. Is he wrong for doing this? Was Archbishop Lefenvre wrong for confronting the Assisi escandal on the face? If that is the case, this is where we have a disconnect.

I love your work. Keep on doing what you do. But you have absolutely no right to admonish others on imagined theological grounds.  As far as I know Christ did not say "Peter is perfect. Do not ever question his actions" .

Spike you can knock it off with these accusations on me. You have no right to call me dishonest because I do not share your narrative.

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