Big Fan of Voris. Done with the "Lesé-majesté " policy
I wasn't on the forum when Benedict was still Pope, so I don't know what sort of thing went on. The only Catholic media I followed was from a rather traditional, popular NO priest from around here. And when Benedict was Pope he would always appeal to the Pope in matters of Liturgy, morals, and so on; there was indeed this rock that one could count on, that would, imperfectly as it might be, follow Jesus direction to feed His sheep.
In the secular media the news on the Pope were scarce. The only scandal he caused journalists around here was when he said Catholics should not vote on politicians that support abortion. So, pretty tame stuff.
Not so with Pope Francis: we cannot appeal to him even in the most uncontroversial of matters, say, that a person in mortal sin should not approach the Eucharist, or that people should convert to Roman Catholicism, or that they should seek sanctity. He constantly mocks and belittles traditional minded Catholics (and I'm talking not only of the likes of me, but also NO folks that have a sense of tradition and are in their way good Catholics), he says that the Roman Rite is a mere fashion, so on and so forth.
Things start to add up and one gets consternated. So its not like faith is dying because of every rumor of every breath of the Pope, but its not the role of the Pope to shake things up, to cause confusion and doubt.
Its like someone (old enough to remember) said recently: after Vatican II its not that many left the Church, but rather the Church left them. One day the Church just disappeared.
To downplay this situation is to mock faithful people that were always faithful, generations of them; you know, because we are too obtuse not to get Pastor Aeternus.

How can we be the Church Militant if we diligently ignore everything the Pope says (mind you, not only in unrecorded interviews, but in documents like Evangelii Gaudium) and does? How can we combat heretic priests when they have now support from Rome?
And can we really do that? Could people just live peaceably when the NO was forced at every parish? Was this an option?
You know, maybe neo-catholics will understand the bitterness of trads when, God willing, some future Pope just banish the NO and forces every Sunday Mass to be a solemn Tridentine Mass. Then they will be able to complain about us being so cranky.

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