Breviarium Romanum 1942
Pars Aestiva

Pars Autumnalis

Pars Hiemalis

Pars Verna

See also this.

All in .pdf form

Nice job - I much admire breviaries - I have got about 30 breviaries from all times -  I have the same Desclee but earlier, 1912, the first with the new Pius X reform.  It's admirable to notice  how priests could endure such long and complicated reading every day of their lives; the endless repetitions, octavas, infraoctavas,, commemorations, many saints that probably did not exist, plus the old fashioned Gallican psalter, often uninteligible.  I know it because I have been praying the office for 60 years now (with the Pius XII-Bea psalter, of course).  I'm so relieved we are in the 21st century!
What an amazing resource! I downloaded the whole set. It's very convenient to read on a smart phone screen (if you have a large screened phone), and it's very well indexed as well. This is the perfect year for me, too — late enough to have the Common of Popes, but not so late that it has the Pius XII psalter.

The pdfs are no longer available. :-(

Can anyone provide an alternative link for them?

Thank you.

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