Scola: Four Solutions for the Divorced and Remarried
I agree with Saint Sebastian.
I think the real problem here is the never-ending problem. In a sane world, none of these rules would necessarily be bad, and some might be good. The 4th one in particular, as St.Seb says, sounds scary, but I think that is mostly because of who we think will be behind it, of the distortion of the original intent. It's not the rule, but the clowns that may end up implementing it that will be the problem. But then, they are always the problem. Properly applied, I can see the 4th idea end up being a lot of really, truly clear catechesis BEFORE marriage, and rejections of marriages.

My understanding is that one can confess some sins and not all but it gives one some graces to help one along to a real conversion, one that will reconcile the penitent with the Church. It is a little wonky though, because in the mind of the person living with another, knowing the Church says you cannot live as man and wife, going to confession to obtain some graces . . . . I think 0.00000001% will do this.

Ultimately, IF these 4 ideas were accepted and implemented by the Pope, liberals would cry foul because they do not allow them to receive communion, which is the real deal, nor do they allow them to receive sacramental forgiveness and reconciliation with the Church. It would give them none of the things they REALLY want. Would the system be abused? Definitely. Would the Libs go nuts? Certainly, as will many Trads and conservatives as well. And the actual number of people this will affect, the actual number of people divorced and remarried, living chastely now at home, attending Mass without going up for communion, and going to the confessional to confess sins knowing they will not be forgiven the biggie, is going to be abysmally low. It would just give the pope a chance to say to everyone "See, I gave them some concessions" and "See, I didn't give them what they wanted". And it will give the media a lot of great things to say about the "old guard" in the church battling against the progressives .. . . And the divorced and remarried couples out there will go on doing exactly what they are doing now. Some go up for communion. Some don't. One thing I think Fr. Z pointed out is the real issue here: will the Church allow for sex outside of Catholic marriage? This is the real issue. With these 4 ideas, the answer is still no.

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