Scola: Four Solutions for the Divorced and Remarried
(09-23-2014, 05:11 PM)Renatus Frater Wrote:
(09-23-2014, 04:10 PM)SaintSebastian Wrote:
Quote:I think one great solution would be for the Church to deny matrimony to certain couples and demand a thorough chatechesis for people that want the sacrament.
But I doubt that will be done, since there's money involved.

I think this is generally what is supposed to be done now anyway (again, I think it probably varies in practice depending on where you live).

Yeah, right.

Most dioceses require you to go through some sort of catechesis before they will marry you.  I also overheard a couple once talking about how they had to demonstrate they each had their own address (ie they weren't cohabitating) before they were allowed to be married--and they faked it because they were cohabitating.  So I guess it does happen, at least to some extent.

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