Scola: Four Solutions for the Divorced and Remarried
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Quote:I think one great solution would be for the Church to deny matrimony to certain couples and demand a thorough chatechesis for people that want the sacrament.
But I doubt that will be done, since there's money involved.

I think this is generally what is supposed to be done now anyway (again, I think it probably varies in practice depending on where you live).

Yeah, right.

Most dioceses require you to go through some sort of catechesis before they will marry you.  I also overheard a couple once talking about how they had to demonstrate they each had their own address (ie they weren't cohabitating) before they were allowed to be married--and they faked it because they were cohabitating.  So I guess it does happen, at least to some extent.

Yes, I know couples today have to go through marriage classes and so on. My point is to make them harder, and actually fail the couple if they either don't get it or are rebellious to the Catholic understanding of marriage.
I've never seen this done. Rather I've seen many laodiceans marrying in the Church just because its beautiful and so on. I mean, in my neighborhood parish (a rather modernist parish, but that's just typical) there's a wedding every Saturday. If there are that many faithful Catholics in the city this would be the best city in the world.

Yes, it probably depends, in the end, on the area one lives. But I suspect this is a general problem in the West, given that we don't see much a difference in divorce rates among Catholics compared to other peoples and how much lay “Catholics” support second marriages and SSM, etc.

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