Scola: Four Solutions for the Divorced and Remarried
(09-23-2014, 04:51 PM)PrairieMom Wrote: I don't understand the big stink about Communion, really.

Maybe it's different in other parts of the world, but in my small bubble I know no less than 4 couples who are remarried outside of the Church, and have had no limits to my knowledge placed on them in regards to Sacraments. While there are consequences on paper, there are none in reality - it's like being a pro-abortion politician.

Why are the liberals/modernists making such a big stink out of de facto situation, which apparently has no danger of being modified anytime in the near future?

It is the same reason as with all other teachings of the Church (especially regarding the 6th commandment), which are being completely ignored without consequence today.
People have a conscience. Their conscience tells them something is not right. Perhaps deep down somewhere they even know that the Church is not just any organization. The media tells them everything is A-OK, and the evil Church has it wrong. So the people link their bad conscience to their Catholic upbringing (and call it "Catholic guilt"), and somehow convince themselves that if only the Church changed her teachings, they would feel better.

It's the same reason people cried "crucify him" about Jesus. He preached conversion. If you were sure you don't need conversion, then he's just a nutter and you can laugh him off. But that doesn't work, so perhaps if we silence him, I'll feel better.

Notice that nobody gets worked up in the same way about the Jehova's Witness's teachings on blood transfusions, even though it actually can cost people's lives. People don't have a bad conscience about giving or receiving blood, and people are sure that the Watchtower organization is not God's true Church, thus it doesn't bother them.

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