The Strangest Anti-Catholic Thing I've Ever Heard
(10-04-2014, 02:47 PM)Renatus Frater Wrote: EDIT: All right, I've read your clarification. Basically you're saying unless a culture becomes thoroughly nihilistic it is a rape culture, as I suspected.
That is, of course, stretching the meaning of "rape" as to make it quite meaningless -- but that's a problem for feminists, I suppose.

Yeah, it seems to me the sort of feminism we are talking about here is just another expression of technology, understood as an ontology, and the denial of being. Speaking of Donoso Cortes, he of course thought that the real battle would be between socialism and Catholicity, which are both theological. Liberalism, as an empty formalism devoted to endless debate and chatter without decision, was doomed to fall away. I wonder where that leaves us, though, now that liberalism has dominated everything. I suppose we would have to say that liberalism is, and has become, far more theological than Donoso Cortes thought, but it does seem that if this theology is of a different kind than what we find in either Catholicism or socialism. Perhaps, in its way, liberalism is far more thoroughly nihilistic than socialism. In any case, I think it's a serious question for Catholics.
(10-04-2014, 03:14 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: Maybe we're arguing semantics, though. By "individual autonomy," I mean that people should be able to come to their own conclusions and decisions about how to live their lives, without being forced into things or disallowed certain choices -- with a few exceptions, such as the obvious things such as choices that directly harm others or truly work against the greatest Good, and things like the priesthood, careers that involve physical prowess, in terms of strength, AND an esprit de corps --- e.g., firefighting, street policing, engaging in combat, etc.  Maybe you mean something different from that.

I think so. It seems to me that the idea of individual autonomy is more a rejection of all limits and sociability and also a belief in complete individual self-creation. The individual becomes the arbitrary, voluntarist causa sui God of early modern onto-theo-logy. In contrast, individual freedom or liberty is more of a social and political condition that belongs to people living in a community.
Discussing feminism here and no one invited me!!! How rude  :P :P Here's a good one. The Holy Trinity is beyond our understanding and thank God for that! I've come to the realization that some people have the gift of understanding and there's no point in loosing sleep over ignorant people making ignorant comments. The gift of understanding is not one so easily given especially when ego blocks it.
>:( ??? Why is anyone repeating these slurs, and why spend time discussing them?

I think the author was trying to sound clever.

There are cases where people say and write garbage, but do it with the appearance of intellectualism, which they wouldn't generally get away with otherwise, except for this case it is about religion, specifically Catholicism, which is always okay to crap on.


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