Does the Soul have a gender?
Well I can answer this question from personal experience.  I am male and have a soul and a body.  Looking at myself in the mirror, I can see I am male.  And looking inwardly inside myself I feel maleness.  Its not just hormones driving me to provide and protect, its an inner drive in my soul! 
Yes. I too, am male. I don't need to look in a mirror to see if I'm male or not. I am what I am and I have no compulsion to "prove" to myself what I am. I am not trying to kid myself that I would be better off if I wasn't what I am. The cruel fact is that I don't know anything but to be what I am.

Women are a mind-twisting attraction for men, and vice-versa. It is incomprehensible on just about any level. But I think that God dun it on purpose... "male and female He made them".
Gender is an inseparable part of a person's identity
A person's identity continues in the soul after it is separated from the body by death.
Therefore, gender continues in the soul after death.

All that continues in the soul after death is part of the nature of the soul
Gender continues in the soul after death.
Therefore, gender is part of the nature of a soul.


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