ISIS Ammunition
Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria have been using bullets manufactured in the United States and 20 other countries, a new report from a weapons tracking research group says.

So, who has been giving them ammunition?
Some of it apparently came out of what was supplied during the thing in Libya during the Islamic Spring or whatever it was called.
The ammo has bee coming from regions ISIS has conquered from the Iraqis (whom we have been supplying) and from the supplies sent during the "Arab Spring."

ETA: They are also using M4's, Humvees, etc, that they have captured... I do not think Colt or the State Department has set up a P.O. account with them, or anything...
The ammo is US, Russian and Chinese.  The preponderance being from the US.  The newest from Russia manufactured 7-mths ago.  There's been a few news reports from the left behind shells and hardware.

To me it doesn't make a difference in placing more or less fault on one or the other,  they all frighten me.  Does Obama frighten me less than the others?  I can't say that for certain.

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