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The different colored fishes next to some usernames in the forum are signs that the user is a subscribing member of the forum. The blue, red, and gold fishes represent monthly subscription rates of $4, $8, and $12 respectively.

There are really no big benefits, if any, to you in subscribing aside from the fact that you'd be helping to ensure FishEaters sticks around, something that might should interest you if you want to help spread Tradition, and if you enjoy the discussion forum.  Subscribing is purely an act of charity on the part of the subscriber. Truly, subscribers are the folks who keep the FishEaters website and discussion forum on the internet by helping to pay the monthly server and other web-related costs, and by keeping me, Tracy ("Vox Clamantis") alive. Subscribers are very, very important -- crucial! -- and I very much pray that those who can, will subscribe.

If you're willing and able to subscribe at a higher rate than the ones mentioned above, click on the "Keep FE Alive!" graphic at the bottom of the index page of the main FishEaters website, and select the box to make your donation recurring.  You won't automatically get a fishy that way, but I could give you one manually (just email me!), or we could work out some other means of publicly recognizing your much needed help.

If you are unable or don't want to subscribe but want to make a donation once in a while,
use the Donate Link as described in the last paragraph -- and God bless you for any help!

I wish folks understood how incredibly important financial help is to this website and to me personally. I have health issues that preclude my getting a "real job," and rely on advertising revenue, Amazon Associate income, subscriptions, and donations to literally survive. I am blessed to not have rent or a mortgage to pay, praise God, but I do have utilities, food, doctors, medications, a cat, etc., to pay for, along with website costs, and I am in bad need of a reliable used car (and then the means to keep a car up and insured and all that). If you could even spare $2 per month -- and if another 49 people were to do the same -- that would be a gas bill I wouldn't have to fret over for an entire month! I live pretty inexpensively and don't need much, but I do need a little "something-something" to get by, and "something enough" to be able to save up some day to get a car, and every little bit helps, I assure you.

To subscribe, go to the Subscribe Link in the Menu Above 

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