Left leaning groups fund petition to support Pope Francis...
captcrunch73 Wrote:The Crux had an article this week about a petition to support Pope Francis. This petition is being sponsored by Faithful America details can be found at the following link

Petition supporting Pope Francis circulating in the US

So who is Faithful America? The details are quite suprising, it is a left leaning community organization group, discoverthenetworks.com has the following on their website about Faithful America
  •     Online community-activism arm of the National Council of Churches of Christ, and later, of Faith in Public Life
        Pursues leftist agendas through religious, and predominately biblical, messaging
        Engineered by veterans of left-wing, Internet-based activism networks including Avaaz.org, Res Publica, and Faith in Public Life

George Soros also helps fund this organization.


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